Clinical Services – Social Work

What is Social Work?

Social Workers are qualified health professionals who focus on maintaining and enhancing quality of life to assist people, their families and communities.

Social Workers are focused on person-centred support and work alongside people to achieve their needs, goals and aspirations.

Some of the work undertaken by a Social Worker includes individual planning, counselling, coordination of supports and case management, advocacy and therapeutic interventions.

Social Work services at Richmond Fellowship Tasmania

Social work services are available for assessment and ongoing support at Richmond Fellowship Tasmania.

Our Social Worker is trained to deliver:

  • Therapeutic interventions and counselling supports.
  • Behavioural support (assessment and development of support plans).
  • Assistance in coordinating transitions and supports.

Referral Process

Our Social Worker works with adults (18 and over) who experience challenges due to illness or disability.

Your sessions may be funded by the NDIS (if you have an NDIS plan) or by Medicare (if you are referred by a GP). You may also elect to pay a fee for service.

To enquire for details relating to your particular circumstances, please contact us on the details below.

Contact Us

To get in touch or make a referral, please call 6228 3344 or email