Joyce Bissland, Vice President

Joyce is a retired nurse with 55 years’ experience. She commenced her training in Scotland and did her general nursing when she came to Australia.

In Scotland she was trained in paediatric and neonatal nursing together with infectious disease nursing and nursery nursing.

In Australia she employed in general nursing and has worked in disability services and has been in charge of dual and mental health diagnosis areas.

Joyce has 8 years’ experience working in mental health. In this time she worked for 3 years at Northside at the Launceston General Hospital. She also worked as a project/liaison officer for mental health working with non-government agencies to advocate for mental health funding.

Joyce has been on the RFT Board for 22+ years. She is Vice-President and is on the Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee (FARM).

For 2 years Joyce was the Chair of the Consumer Advisory Council at the LGH and is also part of the Older Peoples reference group in Launceston.