Bodies on the brink: Mollie Campbell-Smith Forums August 2017

How do we encourage children to feel good about themselves?


In a world that asks us to constantly compare, criticise and change our bodies, how do we encourage children to feel good about themselves?

Everyone has a body. We know that around 50% of children and 70% of adolescents and adults report being unhappy with their body and their appearance. This body dissatisfaction can have a huge impact on the mental and physical health, risk-taking behaviours and school-engagement of young people.

Dr Zali Jager is a senior lecturer in health and physical education at Victoria University in Melbourne. Zali has a background in Secondary Health and Physical Education and a PhD in Health Education. Her main research interest is in how schools and teachers can nurture positive body image and mental and physical wellbeing, including a focus on individual programs, teacher education and using a whole-school approach.

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