Supporting Carers & Families

Families and Carers play an important role in supporting people in their mental health journeys.

We are working to develop our services so that you feel welcomed, supported and informed about how Richmond Fellowship Tasmania works and how people are supported on their recovery and wellbeing journey.

We understand your role in a person’s life and believe that:

  • having a strong network of support aids recovery and wellbeing;
  • you have a right to be aware of the supports being provided by Richmond Fellowship Tasmania, contribute information and ideas on what may be useful moving forward and to be involved in supporting the persons recovery and wellbeing journey; and
  • you may also experience changes in your life when a person you care about becomes unwell and may also need support.


Working together with you

We recognise the importance of your role in a person’s life and are committed to continually working to improve our practice to support the person and yourself. Our current focus is to:

  • create an environment where you feel welcomed and supported;
  • understand how you would like to be involved in the person’s recovery and wellbeing journey;
  • listen to your needs; and
  • where possible, work together with the person and yourself.


Useful supports for carers

mental health families & friends TASMANIA (formerly Mental Health Carers Tasmania (MHCT)) – MHFFTas’ mission is to promote and improve the wellbeing of carers of people affected by mental ill health through support and education. MHFFTas provides a great range of resources and information for carers across Tasmania.


Let us know what you think

We encourage you to continue to provide feedback to Leaders at individual at our programs, or through the form below regarding your experiences in any of these areas so that we can continue to improve the services we provide.

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