Consumer Stories

Dedicated to a positive wellbeing outcome for you

Living with mental illness can sometimes be challenging. We understand those challenges and will actively work with you in your own recovery process with our tailored programs to provide you with solutions and skills to help you on your journey to recovery and wellbeing.


RFT works closely with each individual to achieve positive outcomes.  John, a recent resident at Rokeby, is one such example.  During his time at RFT he worked with staff to identify his goals and then began to work towards being able to live independently once again. After working hard for 18 months John found private rental accommodation and with the help of RFT staff moved successfully back into the community.


Adam came to RFT in Ulverstone just over three years ago with his primary goals being to increase his independent living skills, decrease his social anxiety and investigate returning to study. Adam has a diagnosis which means that any change of routine can be difficult and anxiety provoking, and he came to RFT timid and isolated.

As Adam became involved in activities offered through the RFT Recreation and Life Skills Program he began to improve many of his life skills, including cooking. He often produced excellent cakes and made a Christmas-inspired ‘giant cookie’ that he shared with the other residents for Christmas in July.

RFT supported Adam to make a successful application for NDIS funding and this funding allowed Adam to engage an RFT worker, Tom, on a one-to-one basis. With Tom’s support Adam has increased his understanding of a healthy diet, learned to budget for himself, and found ways to keep socially active – Adam joined a softball team and now regularly volunteers at the Salvos.

Adam’s opportunities continue to expand. He recently he enrolled in TAFE and has been preparing to move into a place of his own. It is with mixed feelings that we will say goodbye to Adam and he has grown so much since we first met. However, we have confidence that as Adam has used his time at RFT so wisely he has learned strategies to deal with whatever life throws at him.

Don and Martin

The Mowbray Sports Group, part of the northern recreation program, offers participants the opportunity to get active and explore new surroundings. Don and Martin are regular members of the group. Don likes the exercise group and getting out of his normal residence. He also enjoys getting out into nature and going for bush walks. Martin likes that the group “gets me up and about”. Both feel that the group helps them stay well.

A consumer

Supporting individuals through recovery looks different every day. Recently, an Outreach worker on the North West Coast assisted a consumer who had had an injury at home. Initially the consumer was reluctant to seek medical help and insisted instead that they would ‘go back to bed and lie on their ‘good side’. Through support and consultation the consumer came to realise the severity of the situation and consent was given to call an ambulance. The consumer also requested that their mother be contacted and informed of the incident. Upon admittance to the hospital it was confirmed this was a fall we could not ignore, with the consumer diagnosed with a dislocation and broken bone. Without the support of their Outreach worker the outcomes may have been much more serious.