Emotional CPR presented by Dr. Daniel Fisher

Two Day Practitioner Training March 20 & 21 • C3 Convention Centre, Hobart

One Day Introduction Course March 22 • Launceston Conference Centre, Launceston

Emotional CPR (eCPR) is an educational program designed to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis by three simple steps: Connecting, emPowering, and Revitalizing.

The Connecting process of eCPR involves deepening listening skills, practicing presence, and creating a sense of safety for the person experiencing a crisis.

The emPowering process helps people better understand how to feel empowered themselves as well as to assist others to feel more hopeful and engaged in life.

In the Revitalizating process, people re-engage in relationships with their loved ones or their support system, and they resume or begin routines that support health and wellness which reinforces the person’s sense of mastery and accomplishment, further energizing the healing process.

While carrying out neurochemical research at the National Institute of Health after getting a PhD in biochemistry, Dan was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He recovered, and to humanize the mental health system became a psychiatrist and has worked for 38 years as a board-certified community psychiatrist. He is one of the developers and trainers of Emotional CPR and has published a book about his journey and that of the peer recovery movement called “Heartbeats of Hope”.

For tickets to these free events, visit:

https://tinyurl.com/ecprhobart https://tinyurl.com/ecprlaunceston

For all other enquiries contact Holly Purcell hollyp@rftas.org.au • 6228 3344