Families & Carers

Having the right information to support your family member

RFT is an industry leader in the area of mental health recovery. Our programs and services are designed to improve our clients’ well-being in a supportive, engaging, diverse and non-judgemental environment.

Working alongside RFT and the patient’s GP, the family/carer can also be an important factor in supporting the mental health recovery journey of a loved one.

In addition to this we have partnered with SANE Australia to give consumers and carers access to online Forums that can provide support. SANE Australia is a mental health charity working to provide Australians affected by complex mental illness with better support, stronger connections, less discrimination and longer lives.

Since launching the SANE Forums in May 2014, SANE has been developing a safe and thriving community of online peer support through both the Lived Experience and Carers Forums available on the platform.

You can access the Forums here.

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