Lived Experience and Carer Advisory Group Members


My name is Adele. I live in the southern region of Tasmania. I found the service provider Richmond Futures in the White and Yellow Pages book. Richmond Futures have helped me with finding affordable rent, communicating with Mental Health Services, using Centrelink and using the Royal Hobart Hospital to order medication. I have a mental health illness called schizophrenia and need professional help to help me manage the disease and daily activities. Peer Support is helping me to grow in confidence so I can try to keep my week busy.


Hi! My name is Mark. I am a participant in the southern region of TasRec, Just Move and the Mental Health Nurse Program. Through my lived experience of mental health, disability and housing issues I have developed a passion for advocating in these areas. The Lived Experience and Carers Advisory Group appealed to me as I see it as an opportunity to contribute in a way I hope is beneficial for all my peers and workers in the Richmond Group.

The Lived Experience and Carers Group is very important to me as I believe it is often difficult for people living with mental health situations to express where improvement is needed in the services delivered by the Richmond Group. I hope to be a meaningful and worthy voice for participants in the Richmond Group. If you have an issue or idea you would like the Lived Experience and Carers Advisory Group to discuss I welcome you to talk to me or one of the other group members.


I’m Cheyne and I am from the south. I was a resident at Garfield Street units in 2010 and am currently a resident at Richmond Fellowship Tasmania in Rokeby. I wanted to be a part of the Lived Experience and Carers Group because I want to improve RFT where I can and help a team which is already in place. Warmth, compassion, helpfulness, cohesion and a fun and friendly environment are important values to me.


My name is Kellie and I am from the North West Coast of Tasmania. I connected with Richmond Group during a time of mental ill-health and subsequent recovery. I have participated in many areas of Richmond Group support services including the Ulverstone Residential Program, TasRec, Outreach Recovery Program and LECAG. My personal lived experiences have shaped the way I see and interact with the world. Through this group I wished to find a way for my voice, and the voice of others, to inform and ultimately better the care and services Richmond Group provides. I feel that within the format of LECAG I am able to use my knowledge of mental ill-health, experiences of personal participation within Richmond group, as well as information from other participants and caregivers to help inform and influence the programs Richmond Group currently and in the future offer. 


My name is Maria and I live in the southern region of Tasmania. My connection to Richmond Group is through my brother, who is a resident in one of the Supported Independent Living sites. I wanted to be a part of the Lived Experience and Carer Advisory Group because I want to learn more about mental health, express my ideas and share what I can through my lived experience. I believe it’s important to understand how the mental health system works and learn what I can do to help people with a mental illness.


My name is Jason and I’m from the south. I am a Richmond Futures participant at Murray Arthur House. I want to be a part of LECAG to be a positive voice and provide feedback. Being a LECAG member is important to me because I think I can make things better.