Mental Health Nurse Program

Richmond Fellowship Tasmania provides general practices with access to Mental Health Nurses to support adults with severe and persistent mental illness.

What is the Mental Health Nurse Program?

The Mental Health Nurse Program (MHNP) provides clinical care and treatment services for adults with severe and complex mental illness.

Mental Health Nurses employed in the program work with people and their GP to provide these services. Richmond Fellowship Tasmania’s Mental Health Nurses are credentialled, highly skilled and experienced.
Our mental health nurses provide:

Who is the program for?

The program is designed for adults over 18:

What does the program do and what are the benefits?

Mental Health nursing is a specialised discipline of nursing with a focus on the care of people facing a variety of mental health challenges, helping them to manage symptoms and work towards their recovery goals.

Mental Health Nurses work collaboratively with people’s families and other health care professionals to provide high quality care and support.

Our Mental Health Nurses can provide services to people where it best suits them including general practices, community centres and people’s homes.

How does the program work and how can people access it?

Access to the program is with a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (which a GP can provide) or a referral from a Psychiatrist.

The program is free of charge. Use of the program does not impact on other allied health supports and initiatives (i.e. Mental Health Care Plan).

Once we have the referral, one of our Mental Health Nurses will call to arrange an appointment to assess the suitability of the program. The referring GP or Psychiatrist and the Mental Health Nurse will work together to provide support and information.

The MHNP is a collaborative program that works alongside current agencies but with a specific lens on a person’s mental health challenges.


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You can email your referral to:

This program is supported by funding from Tasmania PHN (Primary Health Tasmania) through the Australian Government’s PHN Program.

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