MyMind Program

Richmond Fellowship Tasmania provides evidence-based mental health interventions to eligible adults with Bupa health insurance.

What is the MyMind Program?

MyMind is a community based mental health program provided to eligible members as part of a suite of services under the Bupa Mind Care Choices range. The program is voluntary and is provided at no extra cost to eligible participants.

The Mind Care Choices suite of services has been developed to support eligible customers who have a diagnosed mental illness and have experienced one or more overnight hospital admissions for mental health treatment. It is a community based mental health service option as an alternative to traditional hospital care.

The MyMind team consists of psychologists, counsellors and mental health social workers, all with experience in working with people with moderate to severe mental illness to reach their recovery goals.

How does the program work and how can people access it?

Eligible Bupa clients are offered the opportunity to participate in the program through a letter sent to them by Bupa, followed by telephone contact from one of our team members.

Participation in the program is completely voluntary, and the person can decide to join or leave the program at any time, providing they have an active Bupa Hospital policy with full Psychiatric Services cover.

People may also access the program through referral from a psychiatrist or General practitioner.

Our team will work closely with the participant’s medical team and support network to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved.


Call us on (03) 6228 3344 or email for more information.