Recreation Program

TasRec creates and provides links to a diverse range of community-based recreational and social activities, events, and opportunities for skill building and creative expression, all with a focus on enjoyment and wellbeing.

The TasRec philosophy is all about inclusion, building connections, increasing confidence and self-esteem, and having fun!

We develop a monthly calendar of events in each region of Tasmania that is guided by consumers’ feedback around what they would like to do. Some activities continue all year ‘round while others change with the seasons, providing a broad range of ongoing favourites and fresh opportunities throughout the year.

Programs and activities available through TasRec include:

  • Group outings
  • Life skills sessions
  • Cooking & food education sessions
  • Art groups
  • Bushwalking
  • Fishing
  • Exercise & relaxation sessions
  • Equine therapy

To express your interest, download a copy of the TasRec referral pack: TasRec Referral Pack 3.0

View the current TasRec calendar of events for your region here: North | North West | South

For more information contact Nicholas Iceton, Recreation Team Leader on 0438 430 165 or (03) 6228 3344.